Year in Review – 2013 in Photos {Ottawa photography}


It’s Happening!

That’s how my first (and only) blog post some 8 months ago started. And guess what?! It didn’t happen! I tried to blog (not really) and I have failed miserably.

But it’s the new year and what better time to start something new or give it another go?! Something that will, hopefully, last past January!
So here goes, my first blog post, (and *fingers crossed* one of many) of 2014. A year in review, in no particular order.
2013 was really good to me!
– the winter was mild here in Ottawa
– shot my first wedding on my own and LOVED it
– went on a 5-week Euro trip by train with Ben (my favourite husband), visited more than 12 cities AND it only rained 2x!
– saw my family in Slovakia
– spent a few weekends at the cottage and…
– successfully prepared traditional Slovak Christmas meals all by myself (ok, with a little help from my one and only…and it was not only edible, it was tasty too!)
So there! All in all, a great year and I can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store!
P.S. For all the travel photos from Europe please visit my Facebook page where I add them daily.

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