Before & After: Barcelona Moon Photo


Ben and I are strolling along in one of the amazing parks in Barcelona. The sun has set and the bright moon has shown up. Not a full moon, but one of those cute quarter moons as drawn by children or in cartoons often. As we are walking around I see the moon is sitting on top of a…a rod, I suppose, that you’d find on top of a roof. It looks like it belongs there and is part of the structure like a chandelier. 🙂

Anyway, that’s what I saw and that’s what I wanted to capture in my photo….a cute moon sitting on top of a rod of a castle-like building (I believe it was a museum of some sort).

The thing is it’s not always possible to capture what is in front of me right there and then exactly as I see it. It was already fairly dark by then…for the camera anyway and the moon actually wasn’t quite big enough for my liking (or maybe my camera just shrunk it). And that’s where editing comes into play. It puts the finishing touches on my art.

Below you can see the ‘Before’ photo, which is SOOC (or straight out of camera) and the ‘After’ photo, which has been edited in Photoshop to match my vision.

before-after barcelona

Ta-da! Isn’t editing great? 🙂

I also love black-and-white photos, so since I’m sharing the colour versions I thought why not throw in the black-and-white one too…just  because I can. 😀 Enjoy!


What do you like better? Pictures in colour or black-and-white?



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