Personalized Photo Gifts


It’s been a few weeks since my last blog post, but I haven’t given up on blogging just yet. Today I wanted to talk about personalized gifts because who doesn’t like a thought-out, personal gift meant just for you. And because this is a photo blog all (or almost all) gift ideas are, of course, photo-related.

There are so many different ideas that you can buy in photo stores or online or you can create them yourself for that extra personal touch. Try googling “personalized photo gifts” and you’ll get about 37 million results in about a third of a second. Pinterest is another great resource and I started a board just for that (I’ll get to making those…one day!). You can see my board here.

Now a glimpse into what I’ve personalized so far. For our wedding I got a card box and put our engagement photos into the sides and on top. Now it still serves as a card holder (and yes, all our wedding cards are still in it) and it’s a rotating picture frame. 🙂

I got a new phone last year, so I wanted to get a protective case for it, but not just any case. I used a picture of my “puppy” (who hasn’t been a puppy for a long time considering he’s 12 years old, but to me he’ll always be my puppy – named Woofy, by the way) that I took this past summer. (Side note: Woofy lives in Slovakia now, so I don’t see him too often, so it only made sense that I see him on my phone).

And the last picture is of photo books. I love them! It’s a great way to preserve memories, but more on photo books in another blog post.

Another great gift idea is a photo printed on canvas. I received this one from Ben for Christmas some years ago. (Side story: Ben asked me what my favourite photo of us was and I told him the one from Toronto Island. Well, there were two pictures from Toronto Island. One where you can see us and this one…a silhouetted version. Of course, I meant the one with our faces, but nonetheless I still love this one. (And a side note in my side story: If you haven’t been to Toronto Islands yet, you must go. It’s beautiful and you get a really nice view of the city that you see on all the postcards of Toronto.)) But back to canvases. This one is just 8×10″, so it does look a little lost on a big wall. For a canvas to make a statement you have to go big. I’ve given a 16×20″ canvas to a couple of my friends as a bridal shower gift with the couples’ engagement photo.

I’m going to get a few canvases printed from our Euro trip. I just have to decide which ones I want and I can be very indecisive. To see the collection of my travel photos you can visit my profile on RedBubble, which is a site where you can purchase some of these customized photo gifts. From clothing and stickers to framed prints, postcards and more.

And lastly, below are a couple of pictures of the Christmas ornaments we received from Ben’s parents. And for those who know us well know that these are very fitting (even though they’re not personalized with pictures). You can probably guess which one’s mine. 😉 So cute!


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