Value of Printed Photographs

3 photo books by Jane Ruttkayova


Everybody has a camera these days and takes lots of pictures. And that’s nice, but how often do you go back and look at them on your computer? My guess would be not that often. I don’t either…at least not as often as I would have liked even though I love reminiscing about the good old times. šŸ™‚

So I started putting together photo books. They are not that expensive (considering there’s a deal on them almost every other day), there are many different sites you can use to create them online, and they are super easy to make. Just pick your photos, upload them, and plug them into the pages yourself or you can select an option where the website does it for you. Bam! Done.

I believe this is a much better alternative to printing photos and then manually placing them into the sleeves of photo albums one by one (however, that is still better than not printing anything and simply leaving your photos sit on your computer).

So why do this? It’s great to have a tangible book or album to flip through, but also computers fail. So unless you regularly back up your pictures on an external hard drive or a CD or something you never know when your computer will just break on you. I had this happen and I lost about 2,000 photos. Lesson learned, believe me!

So here I am showing you what I’ve done so far. I started doing this with our wedding photos as that was a major event in our lives and I wanted a book to look at. I made a photo book for each set of parents (makes a really nice gift) and one for us (ok, two for us because someone managed to spill a beverage on the first one…might have been me, I can’t remember šŸ™‚ ).

I also made a “Year in Review” photo book for 2013 where I put some highlights in chronological order from the past year and I plan on making it an annual project. I’m already looking forward to creating more in the years to come and now I can take photos with this in mind. It’ll be nice to look back at each year later in life.

And one more photo book I made was of our Europe trip this past summer. Yes, it was included as a highlight in my 2013 book, but this was a major trip for us (almost 6 weeks of travelling) and it was GREAT! A major highlight for sure, so it deserved a book all on its own. Plus I had a ton of photos to put in it!

Aren’t these nice to look at?

So don’t wait until you lose your photos or forget about them. Get them printed!



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