The City With Other Cities’ Attractions


If I didn’t know we were in Lisbon, I might think we were either in San Francisco or Rio de Janeiro. Looking out onto the river we saw a red bridge resembling the Golden Gate bridge and a little to the left was a smaller version of Christ the Redeemer statue. 🙂 Unfortunately, we didn’t get much closer to these attractions for closer inspection.

Ben and I got lucky to be in Lisbon right around the time of some serious street partying (when Portuguese people celebrate their Saints). We watched the preparations start a few days in advance and we just knew it was going to be big. And it was. The beer was flowing, the fish was frying, streamers hanging and people dancing.

We also watched a sunset from St. George Castle, walked along the river, visited a monastery and drank lots of sangria.

It was an awesome trip! 🙂

P.S. Click on a photo to get a bigger picture and a slideshow view.


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