The Old Capital | Ayutthaya, Thailand


Ayutthaya is just over an hour train ride north of Bangkok and it’s a nice place for a day trip. That’s what most people do while staying in Bangkok. As we were moving north to Chiang Mai anyway, we didn’t want to return back to Bangkok and so we spent one night in a hostel in this small city (or town?).

It used to be the capital of Thailand a long, long time ago. Now it’s a city filled with old temples and ruins as you’ll see in the photos below. Their most recognized attraction is probably the Buddha head in a tree, which was neat to see.

One full day was more than enough time to walk around Ayutthaya. Although we were the only people walking in this city – it was bloody hot and everyone else used bikes or motorbikes.

From here we took our first night train and it was a pleasant experience. The beds were made for us, it had A/C and we got to see the sunrise. 🙂

Enjoy the photos!




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