The Killing Fields | Phnom Penh, Cambodia


As mentioned in previous post about Phnom Penh, Ben and I visited the Killing Fields just outside of the city. To be honest, before coming to Cambodia I didn’t know much about the horrible atrocities that have taken place here. Luckily, my walking-encyclopedia-of-a-husband has familiarized me with the situation and we also watched this movie (The Killing Fields) in Siem Reap that I would recommend watching.

The Killing Fields is exactly as the name suggests – fields where the killing of thousands and thousands of adults and children took place. There is a large building at the site where human skulls of the victims found in the fields are kept as a remembrance. Sometimes bones still emerge from the ground after heavy rains.

After visiting the Killing Fields and listening to the stories on audio tour provided we moved to the S-21 Prison Museum back in the city. This building was originally a school, but the Khmer Rouge turned it into their prison. Many of those killed at the Killing Fields were detained first at S-21. Only a handful of people are known to have survived this prison.

It is difficult to even begin to imagine the horror experienced by the many, many victims of the Khmer Rouge. Decades have passed since Pol Pot’s reign of terror, but it is clear that there are still scars that have yet to heal. Despite what they have been through though, Cambodians are amazing, friendly people. We pray for the future of this beautiful country.



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