Ancient Capital | Hue, Vietnam


Hue is a city in central Vietnam. The train ride into the city from Da Nang was fantastic! Definitively one of the most scenic train trips we’ve ever taken. The train moves along the side of a mountain overlooking the ocean. Beautiful!

We spent four days in Hue and that was perhaps a bit too long because it’s not that big and it rained. The city used to be a national capital and the major attraction is the Imperial City surrounded by a moat. We spent one whole day roaming the old grounds. We happened to be in Hue on their National Day, so we got to see the fireworks (in the rain).

While those “touristy” aspects of Hue were worth seeing (at least for a day), the best part of this city, for us, was the food. The local specialities in this region are quite good. The alleyways, including the one where our hostel was located, are full of small restaurants. There are also some nice cafes, including one owned by an amazing local photographer who has lined the walls with some of his stunning work. They brew some really good beer here too, but unfortunately the one Ben most wanted to try – their signature “Hue” beer – was unavailable. Apparently, they’re preparing to export it. It’s a shame Hue beer is now unavailable in Hue!


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