The City With Soul | Seoul, South Korea


After six weeks of humidity, traffic, and chaotic streets we were thankful to arrive in Seoul and wear our jeans and jackets for a change. It was early April and rainy most of the time, but that didn’t matter. Seoul is an interesting city and we really enjoyed walking around and discovering the neat neighbourhoods – from student hang-outs to markets to fancy shopping areas.

One morning walking to downtown we came across a ‘Prague Castle’ sign, so of course we had to follow it and find out what it was. It turns out there is a Czech restaurant in Seoul and from the outside it looks like the famous Prague astronomical clock.

We only had four nights in Seoul, but we covered a lot. We saw the changing of the guard ceremony in front of a palace. We walked around a village with traditional Korean houses and got a great view of the city. One family in this village turned the third floor of their house into an ‘observatory’ and the admission included a choice of beverage or ice cream. 🙂 Another thing we really wanted to see was the Cherry Blossoms and you can see photos of them below. They really are gorgeous trees, but the blossoms don’t last very long.

Scroll to the bottom for a couple of ‘tips’ and what we learned from experience. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the photos. Just a couple of tips for you if you’re ever travelling to South Korea.

  1. Ok, this isn’t so much a tip, just something good to know. If you’re staying in hostels there are no co-ed dorm rooms. They are usually all girls and all guys dorms, so sharing a bag may be a little more tricky (not impossible though).
  2. If you’re ever going to miss a train this is the place to do it. We were almost fully reimbursed and able to purchase tickets for the next train right on the spot. There was only a small penalty (about 10%).

That’s it, folks! Next post will be about Busan.



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