The Natural Wonder | Jeju Island, South Korea


Our Korean friend, Diana, told us we needed to visit Jeju Island while in South Korea. So naturally, we looked online while in Busan and booked a two-way flight for 4 days to this natural wonder. It was a last-minute addition to our itinerary, but totally worth it.

Jeju Island is full of waterfalls and caves, but also fun(ny) museums ranging from the regular folklore museums to chocolate, love and teddy bear museums. The only museum we visited though was about Haenyeo – or sea women. These free divers use no oxygen tanks and their typical dive can last a couple of minutes. Pretty amazing! We saw a few Haenyeo selling their catch on the rocks when looking for one of many waterfalls.

One other amazing thing that happened was meeting a Slovak family on this island. Totally didn’t expect that! There’s a complex of international schools (Canadian, American, and British) on the island, and that’s where this couple works. They have three children and had been living there for almost four years. It was neat to hear about their experiences adapting to live in a country that receives very few immigrants.



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