I remember when I first became interested in photography. I was 12 and my dad showed me a book with black-and-white photographs and even though I don’t remember any of the photos or who the photographer was, it made me interested enough to join a photo club in my hometown in Slovakia. I got my first experience with a film camera and the darkroom and I loved it!

After moving to Canada, I continued to be involved with photography as much as I could by taking courses, joining the photo club, and taking pictures for the yearbook at my high school. I took pictures of anything around me that caught my eye and I really enjoyed the black-and-white magic happening in the darkroom. At this time I didn’t like digital photography at all and I tried to avoid it. That is, until I received my own digital camera for Christmas. Then I was free to take hundreds of pictures without being afraid of wasting any film. It was wonderful and still is to this day.

I continue to shoot the world around me from landscapes, people and anything in between that I find interesting. For samples of my work have a look under “Galleries”.

So stay a while, enjoy and drop me a line if you have any questions! Thanks for visiting!

– Jane